About The Salvation Army
Joy Family Integrated Service Centre
About The Salvation Army Joy Family Integrated Service Centre

The Salvation Army Joy Family Integrated Service Centre opened in 2013, provides a wide range of family-based social services to children, young people, parents, elderly and those in need. We hope to build a community where people are healthy, environmentally friendly, caring and supportive.

Service Highlights
Community Networking
The Salvation Army reaches out to the residents in the community and links up different groups and parties with new and interesting programmes in order to build a supporting network in the neighbourhood.
Living Green
The Salvation Army promotes green and sustainable concepts in daily life. From diet to household cleaning, the community is encouraged to live green for a better future.
Personal Growth
At different stages of life, there are different developmental needs. Both children and senior citizens face their own challenges. The Salvation Army, together with our service users, work out their life plans and make lives more satisfactory and meaningful.
Family Support
There is no perfect home, but we can create a sweet home. The Salvation Army gives support and encouragement to help families build their own warm and sweet homes.
Professional Engagement
In the life journey, some accidents and adversities are inevitable. The Salvation Army walks with the people in need and helps them to ride out their hard times with our counsellors.
Centre Structure