Do you know the origin of Self-Denial Appeal?

The Self-Denial Appeal started in 1886 when General William Booth, founder of The Salvation Army (the Army), called upon Salvationists to give sacrificially and to deny themselves so that they could share the Gospel and offer God’s love to a hurting world. Officer of the Army, Commissioner John Carleton, then thought of saving three pence every night by going without raisin pudding after dinner, which would save fifty shillings for a year in order to support the Army’s overseas work.

Self-Denial Appeal is  a traditional annual campaign of The Salvation Army. The Appeal aims to support the Army ministries through the International Self-Denial Fund and our ministries in China.

Whoever is kind to the poor lends to the LORD, and he will reward them for what they have done. (Proverbs 19:17)

The theme of Self-Denial Appeal 2022, ’Self-Denial, Live it Out’ highlights the origin of Self-Denial. This year, Self-Denial Appeal will be held from May to July. The Salvation Army encourages participants to realise the ideal of General William Booth and practise the selflessness of Major (later Commissioner) John Carleton. One small step can make a big difference.

Activity Date
Self-Denial Appeal Donation May to July
‘Self-Denial · Live it Out Virtual Walkathon’ June to July
Self-Denial Altar Service Mid-August (TBC)

‘Self-Denial · Live it Out Virtual Walkathon’, one of the activities of Self-Denial Appeal 2022, has a total target steps walked by all participants of 1,000,000. In recognition of the enthusiastic involvement of all participating units and individuals, on top of the 3 traditional awards (‘The Highest Fundraising Amount Award’, ‘The Most Outstanding Participation Award’ & ‘The Most Steps Walked Award’), this year we are giving out 3 new and special awards (‘The Best Landscape Photo Award’, ‘The Best Family Moment Photo Award’ & ‘The Best Partner Award’). Participants can share their event photos and hashtag the award title in our official Self-Denial Appeal Facebook group to join the competition. At the same time, participants can also share their lifestyle photos, pictures, videos, positive quote and bible verses to bring positive energy to all other participants. The details of Virtual Walkathon will be announced in May 2022. Stay tuned.