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This is my command: Love one another the way I loved you.  John 15:12 (MSG)

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Let’s Dance

Following last year’s Sports Challenge Day, we introduce to you Let’s Dance, a more challenging and fun game. This challenge enables us to know more about our Partner Countries & Areas (Northern India, Papua New Guinea, Rwanda & Burundi, Tanzania and Australia through dancing. Also, exercising is good for health as well. Don’t hesitate. Join Let’s Dance Now.

Rules Each team is formed by at least 2 members. Follow the demonstration and send the video back to us. Don’t forget to ask for sponsorship from your families and friends. The deadline for donation and sponsorship form submission is 30 June 2021. (Share via Whatsapp)

  Passionate Dance HK$500 Demonstration
  Lively Dance HK $300 Demonstration
  Energetic Dance HK $100 Demonstration
  Graceful Dance HK $50 Demonstration
Souvenir Each participant will receive a set of postcards (4 designs) and thank you postcards for sponsors appreciation.
Event Details & Donation Handling Guidelines
Enrolment & Sponsorship Form

Appeal Week

The much-anticipated Appeal Week is BACK.

This year, we focus on our works in Northern India, Papua New Guinea, Rwanda & Burundi, Tanzania and Australia. With the support from International Self-Denial Fund, The Salvation Army can provide timely and relevant assistance to the people in need there, enhancing their living standard and livelihood. Therefore, each of our donation becomes the foundation to transform lives in our Partner Countries & Areas.