Superkids League is back in action! From now on to Jun 2022, each Superkid will participate in various charity events, i.e. Visits during Festivals, Recycling tour, Charity Sale, Orienteering aiming to spread hope in the community through #Serving, #Supporting, #Saving and #Strengthening.

To make precious family time more meaningful, it is best to let children learn about caring, sharing and saving from an early age.

Superkids League News

Duration: From 1 Jul 2021 to 30 Jun 2022
Superkids: Aged between 3 to 12
Annual Fee: HK$100 (*All fees and additional donations are used to support the community care services of TSA)

By becoming a Superkid, you are entitled to receive:

  • Event Passport to collect Event stickers
  • Advanced admission to TSA Charity events, i.e. Visits and Charity Sale
  • Superkids E-Newsletter
  • Annual Certificate
  • Coupons and Discounts from our Partners

Annual Certificate and Ranks

Superkids will be given a Sticker after completing each charity event. A certificate will be awarded for different ranks depending on number of stickers collected.


Completed at least 2 events


Completed at least 4 events


Completed at least 6 events

Upcoming Activities

  • Visits during Festivals
  • Discover needs in disadvantaged communities
  • Visits to Sub-divided Flats
  • Family Activities/Workshops
  • Orienteering

*Details will be announced through Superkids E-Newsletter

Be Superkids, Go Beyond Limits, Spread Hope in the Community

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