Helping Women in Hardship

Back in the 60s, women in Hong Kong stepped out of their homes for work. They became a source of labor force in the industrial age. In the 80s, the thriving service industry provided many job opportunities especially suitable for women, but at that time female did not have much access to education. Nowadays, women have established their economic. Nevertheless, due to traditional views on family roles and motherhood, women are often considered responsible for taking care of their children and even their in-laws and parents. Women have all sorts of burdens on their shoulders, and things are particularly tough for those who lack resources.

Both women in the stories simply want to provide for their loved ones a better life within limited resources. The Salvation Army has helped them to find a way out. This Mother’s Day, we sincerely ask for your support, which will help more women in need to benefit and more lives in hardship transformed.

Story 1: Finding ways to communicate and love

Story 2: Encounter the spiritual needs

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