Blessings made with Love

Chinese New Year is approaching, hope this letter finds you well and healthy.

Since last year, Hong Kong has been under the threat of COVID-19. Our emotions and lifestyles have been somehow affected by the ongoing pandemic. With the coming of New Year, it is time for us to let go of the past and look forward to the future and welcome the year 2021 with excitement and anticipation.

However, persons with physical disabilities are having a hard time living like ordinary people in the society. Due to inherited conditions or accidents, their brains and bodies may be seriously affected, resulting in disabilities and impairments. Much more obstacles are placed in front of them in daily and social lives.

The Salvation Army Heng On Integrated Vocational Rehabilitation Services provides a platform for those with disabilities to display their creativity and talents through diversified trainings. As such, a bridge has linked the trainees with the world built by handicrafts and artworks. They are eager to share joy and blessings with us as well during this festive season.

This New Year, we sincerely invite you to donate a red packet to us and support our trainees with continued vocational trainings and arts creation. We hope to give our trainees and their families the biggest encouragement, igniting their light of hope for the future.