Help the disadvantaged groups of poor living conditions and provide them with a place of refuge to rebuild their home and see hope again.

Home Sweet Home Coloring Competition

Result Announcement

Kindergarten & Primary

Champion︰Yiu King Cheung (Tung Wah Group of Hospitals Chan King Har Kindergarten)

First Runner Up︰Lee Tsz Yan (Ching Chung Hau Po Woon Primary School)

Second Runner Up︰Cheng Ho Kiu Hannah (Causeway Bay Victoria Kindergarten)


Champion︰Chiu Sik Chun (Jockey Club Ti-I College)

First Runner Up︰Wong Hoi Lam (Tak Nga Secondary School )

Second Runner Up︰Chan Hay Ying (Hoi Ping Chamber of Commerce Secondary School)


Champion︰Yiu Man Yin

First Runner Up︰Ng Wai Yee

Second Runner Up︰Lee Ying Mui

All winning works will be displayed at Yaumatei MTR Community Art Gallery (October 2021).

Home generally means a place you live in, but also refers to the family that lives together there. We may have a slightly different understanding to the word ‘home’, but we do look for something similar: going back to a safe and warm haven after a day’s hard work.

According to a survey by the Sham Shui Po Subdivided Units Mothers Mutual Aid Association conducted in March 2021, a 100-square-foot sub-divided unit in the district was more than HK$5,000 a month, accounting for about 55% of family income for grassroots households. To support the high rent, some families and elderly visit fast-food restaurants for everyday meals for themselves and their families. The abominable housing environment adversely affects the physical and mental health of the grassroots people, not to mention their social life and neighborhood relations.

The Salvation Army is dedicated to serving the disadvantaged groups. Experienced in operating community  housing, we understand the needs of the grassroots. The Army’s singleton hostel Sunrise House and To Kwa Wan Community Housing Project have helped many low-income individuals and grassroots families integrate into the community and build a new life. At present, the former site of The Salvation Army Sam Shing Chuen Lau Ng Ying School in Tuen Mun will be converted to a community housing development in 2022, to be operated by the Army, providing adequate and secure housing for people with urgent housing needs. Tenants will find their second ‘home’ in this community.

Based on our successful experience, we provide professional social services, Corps (church) support, co-living space facilities and community activities, all aimed to strengthen the relationships among households and their connection with the community, promoting the ‘To.Gather’ spirit.

You are cordially invited to make a donation to support about 115 households to install the basic electric appliances and furniture, and also provide rental allowance for people with urgent needs. Your support will help the disadvantaged groups of poor living conditions and provide them with a place of refuge to rebuild their home and see hope again.

Use of Donation HK$10,000 can support the installation of water heater, air-conditioner and induction stove for a unit.

HK$3,000 can support to provide rental allowance for people with urgent housing needs.

HK$1,000 can support the provision of basic furniture and decorations for a unit.

Be To-Gather

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“The more the merrier! “

Under the threats of Covid-19 epidemic, travel addicts like us Hong Kong people are not able to travel, so we are spending a lot more time at home, and with our family as well. Together we are having many different activities and building loving memories. We realised that as long as the family are united, everything we do together is worth cherishing.

Supporting Partners

Dedicated and committed to its corporate social responsibilities, Chun Wo has implemented the ‘Harmony Community Programme’ in 2014, encouraging frontline staff at its sites located in 18 districts across Hong Kong to organise regular volunteer activities and build a stronger connection with the community. Last year Chun Wo served over 1,300 persons through the ‘Programme’.
Midland IC&I is committed to bringing positive energy and benefits to the society through various charity initiatives. Since 2015, Midland IC&I has been working closely with The Salvation Army on different service projects and has set up a volunteer team to pay concern visits, caring for the needs of the disadvantaged and people in need. During the pandemic, Midland IC&I gave out anti-epidemic kits to those in need and promoted an awareness against the pandemic. Moreover, Midland IC&I also provides expert opinions to The Salvation Army on choosing premises for the Army units, enabling the Army to provide a suitable and safe environment with adequate support for its service users.
Sun Ferry is not solely a public transport operator offering quality ferry services, we are also a caring organisation committed to fulfilling the social corporate responsibility. Sun Ferry endeavours to contribute to our community by participating in various charity and community activities, implementing a series of green measures to protect the environment as well as emphasising on staff development and fulfilment.
Tombow Pencil Co., Ltd

With a century of experience in manufacturing stationery, Tombow not only creates quality stationery, it also focuses on the user experience. Tombow designs ergonomic and top-notch products such as the 8900 Pencils, MONO Erasers and ABT Brush Pens. Its products enables artists to focus on making their best masterpiece, and everyday users to communicate their ideas.

Tombow recognizes and fully supports the vision of ‘Color My Community’ by creating original ideas and contributing to the community.

Color My Community aims to bring color to communities through partnership. We work with local illustrators, social enterprises and other partners to offer creative projects that involve drawing, writing and creating collages. Through these activities, participants show their creativity while giving back to the society.