According to the survey on Nutrition Intake of Grassroot Children which published in 2018, the intake of meat of 87% grassroot students did not meet the standard of Centre for Health Protection. Meanwhile, 77% of their grains and vegetables intake are not up to standard as well. These might lead to malnutrition. With the problems like COVID 19, rising of food prices and unemployment, most of the underprivileged families reduce their spending on food. Hence, their children are very likely to suffer nutrition insufficiency which affect their growth and development.

 Cookathon highlights the health issue of the children living in sub-divided flats. From 11/2020 to 1/2021, we ask for public participation on this social media plus voluntary program. By publishing a post of your homecooking dish on your social media platform, tagging of your friends to do the same, and donated HK$ 50 to support The Salvation Army community care services. Your donation may support those children with a healthy and nutritious food pack. Let’s join us and give a helping hand.

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@朋友一號 @朋友二號 @朋友三號 您已經成為下一位 #Cookathon 嘅“煮人翁”

接受挑戰,三日內煮好餸+share,我會捐出HK$50俾救世軍社區關懷服務,關注劏房兒童的營養情況! 記得Tag多3個FD子,一齊Cookathon!



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Extra donation is very much welcomed to support our Community Care Services and the disadvantaged groups. We issue donation receipt to donation over HK$100. Please send the bank in slip, name and posting address to or Whatsapp to 9783 2250. The receipt will be sent to you within one week.

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