Help Carers find HOPE Again

According to an analysis of the Dependency Trend in Hong Kong in 2018, the elderly dependency ratio is projected to increase drastically to 674 in 2066, that means there will be 674 elderly persons aged 65 or above per 1,000 persons aged between 15 and 64. In other words, more and more carers will be needed in the city. According to current statistics, most carers for elderly are indeed their spouses, that means the carers themselves are elderly who are more vulnerable physically and financially.

The Salvation Army has implemented its carer service since 1998. In the ‘people-oriented’ and ‘continuous caring’ spirit, we are a powerful backing to carers who need care, providing support for their daily lives, alleviating their emotional stress, and sharing of provision. We also promote continuous development of carer service, striving to improve quality of life for the elderly. We sincerely invite you to support this year’s Mid-Autumn Festival Appeal in support of our carer service and those in need, at the same time extending your care and blessings to the elders and people in need on this festival of wholeness and togetherness