Prayer Area

PRAYER TOPICS  –  May 2019


Week ONE :     1 (Wed) to 4 (Sat)

  1. Give thanks to God as Tung Chung Corps proclaimed the Good News of the resurrection of Jesus Christ this Easter and celebrated its 17th Anniversary on 21 April. May God bless the Corps with an alive and vibrant spiritual life.
  2. Pray for the new Command leaders.


Week TWO :     5 (Sun) to 11 (Sat)   

  1. Pray that brothers and sisters of Wanchai Corps are dedicated to spread the gospel.
  2. Pray that the Lord will give the staff of Finance Department strength to demonstrate their integrity and professionalism in a field that demands their very best.
  3. Pray and give thanks for the meetings of Tung Chung Corps. Give thanks for the young people’s Holiness Meeting that commenced last September has become steady. The Corps also started meetings for 2 to 6 years old children this April. Pray that the Lord bless the parents and brothers and sisters who serve.


Week THREE :  12 (Sun) to 18 (Sat)

  1. Pray that Tung Chung Corps’ school service will be used by God. The Corps has the opportunities to serve at morning assemblies, lunch fellowship, graded fellowship, religious weekly meeting, as well as the teachers fellowship and English foundation class for parents. Pray that the Holy Spirit will move those being served to seek salvation.

         2. Pray for Wanchai Corps as it faces the changes of redevelopment.

         3. Pray that the staff of Finance Department have good health and wisdom to cope with their work.


Week FOUR :   19 (Sun) to 25 (Sat)

        1.  Pray for officers who have retired or are retiring soon.

  1. Tung Chung Corps’ theme of the year is ‘I Say my Beliefs’. Pray for fellow Soldiers, brothers and sisters of the Corps as they learn. May God bless them to be steadfast in faith so as to proclaim the Lord they believe in.


Week FIVE :    26 (Sun) to 31 (Fri) 

  1. Pray that the staff of Finance Department remember to seek God’s help during difficult times and challenges and believe in Him.
  2. Pray for Tung Chung Corps as they prepare for this year’s summer activities. May the participants learn more about the past, the present and dream about the future through the theme ‘Time Flies’. Pray that the team of volunteers is full of ideas.