Prayer Area

PRAYER TOPICS - October 2020                                                  Prayer Items of October 2020

                                                      Week 3

Pray For Our City
The Lord watches over you , the Lord is your shade at your right hand. (Psalm 121: 5)

Tin Hau Family Store
Store In-charge: Ms. Charlize, Lai Ha Wai
Praise and thanksgiving
We thank the Lord for taking care of our health.
Pray that the Lord lead us through all the difficulties.
Po Lam Residence for Senior Citizens
Assistant Service Supervisor (Adjunct Superintendent): Ms. Chui Kit Fun
Praise and Thanksgiving
Thank the Lord for giving the Po Lam Home hope, grace and strength every day over the past 30 years.
We pray for the true light of the Lord to illuminate this era of unemployment, insecurity and being home bounded. May the Lord give us optimism and hope, so that we will remain calm in the midst of changes.
North Point Nursery and Crèche
Head: Ms. Leung Wing Kuen
Praise and Thanksgiving
Give thanks to the Lord, during this pandemic, our school staff, parents and students are healthy and not affected by the coronavirus. We praise you Lord. 
1. Pray that the Lord will help the N4 students who might be scared and worried about new environment and new learning method after entering primary school. 2. 2. Pray that the Lord will guide them to be strong and brave in making new friends, asking questions, and help them to adapt the primary school life smoothly. 
2. Pray that the Lord will protect the students to be healthy, so they would grow in wisdom and in stature. Pray that we will see energetic and joyful students. 
3. Pray that the Lord will bless our staff in all units of pre-school education with healthy and stable team, working together to meet different challenges in the future. 
Congo Brazzaville Territory
TC: Colonel Eugene Bamanabio
CS : Lt.-Colonel Dieudonné Tsilulu
Officers (A319/R93) Corps 120 Cadets 35 
Sr Soldiers 23,966 Jr Soldiers 12,870
1. Presidential election 2021, pray for peace and democratization process in the Republic of Congo.
2. Candidates who are entering the Officers Training College in November 2020. 
3. Emergency state in Gabon where churches are still closed.
Sam Mun Tsai Community Development Project
Project In-charge: Mr. Ip Heng Loong
Praise and Thanksgiving
Thank God that our team is now in full force so that we have enough manpower to implement our service. 
We pray that our staff will have good health, peaceful mind and soul to organise the programme and enrich our youth.