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Partners in Mission Love Bonding
Walkathon 2018

Our annual 'Partners in Mission' campaign will be held again this year between April and June, encouraging our members to care for the ministries of our partner countries and areas through giving towards the International Self-Denial Fund, and prayers for our five partner countries and areas: India Northern, Papua New Guinea, Rwanda & Burundi, Tanzania and Australia.

In 2017, members of the Hong Kong and Macau Command have responded generously and contributed a donation of HK$1,397,503. Thank you for your kindness and every contribution and effort is a practical expression of Christian love to those in need. This year, our goal is to achieve a contribution of HK$1,500,000. We count on your support in promoting the following activities in your department/unit.

Date Activity
April to June Partners in Mission Coin Box
  Partners in Mission Donation
  One Day Salary a Month
1 May (Tuesday) Partners in Mission Walkathon

Please download:
(1) Donation Handling Guidelines
(2) Donation Counting Record
(3) Income & Expenditure Report

Walkathon 2018
The upcoming Partners in Mission Walkathon will be held on 1 May 2018 (Tuesday, Public Holiday) at Pak Shek Kok Promenade to support the Army mission in our partner countries so that the people who are in need can experience our compassionate care. We sincerely invite all members to participate in the event.

Event Schedule:

February to April
Event Promotion, distribute ‘Enrolment Form’ and ‘Sponsorship Form’

On or before 13 April
Collect ‘Enrolment Form’ from participants

On or before 20 April
Return ‘Registration and Sponsorship Summary (Part I)’ to Development Department

1 May
Partners in Mission Walkathon

On or before 8 May
Collect Donations and ‘Sponsorship Form’ from participants

On or before 18 May
Donation Deposit to designated bank account and submit the donation report to Development Department:
1. ‘Registration and Sponsorship Summary (Part II)’ with Bank-in Slip
2. ‘Sponsorship Form’ of all participants
3. ‘Coach Rental Subsidy Application Form’ with Receipt Copy

Please download:
1) Enrolment Form
2) Registration and Sponsorship Summary (Part I & II)
3) Sponsorship Form
4) Coach Rental Subsidy Application Form
5) Event Details & Donation Handling Guidelines
6) Map

Partners in Mission 2018
Walkathon 2018