Corps (Church) News

The Salvation Army is a Christian denomination that stands with other mainstream denominations in proclaiming the message of Christ. The message is the faith in Jesus Christ and the change He brings is the only way to bring about significant change in the life of individuals, communities and nations.

Our Corps (churches) is a critical aspect of who we are. There are 16 corps and 1 outpost in the Hong Kong and Macau Command.

Mission Statement of Hong Kong and Macau Command

The Salvation Army Hong Kong & Macau Command exists as part of The Salvation Army internationally, so that every person in our area of responsibility has the opportunity to consider and respond to Christ because

  • they have been demonstrating Christlike character,

  • they heard clear communications of the Gospel,

  • and have experienced compassionate care in their times of need.

Contact: Divisional Headquarters
Tel. No.: (852) 2195 0222
Fax: (852) 2319 0670