Kowloon Central Corps
Corps OfficerMajor David Ip
Associate Corps OfficerLt. Joyce Lam
AddressP Floor, 11 Wing Sing Lane, Yaumatei, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Tel(852) 2771 2555
Fax(852) 2771 3270


Holiness MeetingEvery Sunday 11:00am
Cell groups or other meetingHoliness Meeting for Young Children(6 years old or above)
Every Sunday 11:00am

Sunday School
Every Sunday 9:30am

Morning Prayer Meeting
Every Sunday 9:00am

Joshua Fellowship (Adults and Married Couples)
Every 2nd Sunday 2:30pm

Nissi Fellowship(Young Adults)
Every 3rd Sunday, after Holiness Meeting

Caleb Fellowship (60 years old or above)
Every 4th Sunday 2:30pm

Nathan Fellowship(Tertiary Students and Working Youngsters)
Every Tuesday 7:30pm

Women’s Ministries Group C
Every 3rd Wednesday  9:00am

Fellowship for Users of Street Sleepers Service Units
Every Wednesday 3:30pm

Bible Study Group
Every 1st and 3rd Friday 7:30pm

Fellowship for Children(Pre-school to Primary 1 Students)
Every Saturday 2:30pm

Junior Soldier Meeting(Primary 2 to 6 Students)
Every Saturday 2:30pm

Jireh Fellowship(Secondary 1 to 3 Students)
Every Saturday 2:30pm

Carmel Fellowship(Secondary 4 to 6 Students)
Every Saturday 2:30pm

Women’s Ministries Group A
Every 1st & 3rd Saturdays 2:30pm

Women’s Ministries – Bible Study Group
Every 4th Saturday 2:30pm

Fellowship for Parents
Every 2nd Saturday 2:30pm