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The Salvation Army x Hong Kong Federation of Restaurants & Related Trades
Green plus Work Safety Chef Training Scheme Appreciation Ceremony

The Green plus Work Safety Chef Training Scheme organised by The Salvation Army and Hong Kong Federation of Restaurants & Related Trades Limited (HKFORT) is fully supported by Hong Kong Electric, with Labour Department, Occupational Safety & Health Council and Qualifications Framework Secretariat as supporting organisations. The two terms of training courses have been arranged for the middle-aged and the youth who are interested in becoming chefs and related professionals in the catering industry. Today (26 October 2017), the Appreciation Ceremony was held, with Mr Mak Ping-sang, Chief Occupational Safety Officer of Labour Department, Mr Lee Yuen-hong, Chairman of Hong Kong Federation of Restaurants and Related Trades, Mr Choi Wai-man, General Manager (Customer Services) of Hong Kong Electric and Mr Raymond Lai, Chief Manger, The Salvation Army Social Services Department (Youth, Family and Community Services) as the officiating guests.


The Scheme aims to boost the employability of the participants and to provide chefs and related professionals for corporates, creating a win-win situation. Through this Scheme, persons interested in the catering industry are provided with a two-week intensive training on knife skills, cooking techniques of Chinese and Western cuisine, usage of eco-friendly electrical cooking appliances and occupational health and safety. Upon completion of the training course, participants have the opportunities to seek apprenticeship in partnering restaurants, where senior staff will help them adapt to the working environment and on-the-job training will be provided, while Salvation Army social workers will be coordinating.


A total of 32 persons aged 17 to 62 have joined the two terms of training courses. 18 of them were employed by the supporting restaurants, including Tai Hing Catering Group, Sportful Garden Restaurant of Fulum Group and Congee House Management Holding Ltd,.


Case Sharing 1: Young dares to dream again

Tin-hoi, 20, stayed idle at home during his senior high school years. He worked in various industries temporarily, including wet market property management, supermarkets, and serving as a waiter in cha chaan teng (Hong Kong-style diners), but each time his employment only lasted a few months. Later, Tin-hoi enrolled in the Youth Employment and Training Programme and a chef training course organised by The Salvation Army. Within two weeks, he learnt about the production procedures in catering service, occupational safety and health, understanding of kitchen knives, knife skills, etc., and practised at the ‘electric commercial kitchen’ of Hong Kong Electric. During a recruitment session of partnering catering enterprises, Tin-hoi was hired by Tai Hing Catering Group for his good performance. He has been working in the Tokyo Tsukiji restaurant of the Group for half a year. Tin-hoi has gained a sense of satisfaction and developed an interest in cooking from his work. He was also commended by his co-workers, mentors and the executive chef. Now Tin-hoi aims to work hard and save up enough money to further study culinary art in Japan to equip himself.


Case Sharing 2: Street-sleepers rebuilds life

Yee, 56, has been sleeping in the streets and taking up odd-jobs for a living. He worked as a cross-border truck driver before, but he began living out in the streets after losing his job. The Salvation Army social worker reached out to Yee and encouraged him to join the training scheme. Now, Yee is working as a kitchen assistant at ‘Trusty Congee King’. Yee said the company uses semi-automatic frying pans. It helps middle-aged persons to get used to work sooner as the work is not as tough as one may have imagined. Yee now lives in a Salvation Army hostel. He aims to save up some money from his work in order to rent a place and rebuild his life in a stable home.


Case Sharing 3: Teenage life planning

19-year-old Leo lost the direction in his life when facing all sorts of problems and lacking support in life. Encouraged by the social worker, Leo joined the training scheme, and was hired by Sportful Garden Restaurant as a kitchen assistant after receiving the training. With the encouragement and support from social workers and his mentors, Leo now works and learns proactively, planning for his life.


There was also a session of on-site cooking demonstration by participants of the scheme and tasting with the guests.



About Hong Kong Federation of Restaurants & Related Trades

Hong Kong Federation of Restaurants & Related Trades (HKFORT) is a politically impartial and non-profit-making organisation jointly formed by management professionals of restaurants and related trades. Founded in 1999, HKFORT has been committed to uniting the industry, strengthening cohesion and promoting the development of the catering industry. Its members are among Chinese restaurants, western and special restaurants, chain eateries, cha chaan teng (Hong Kong-style diners) as well as corporates, owners and management from restaurants and related trades. Currently, HKFORT has over 1,000 corporate members, representing approximately over 6,000 catering enterprises.


About HK Electric

The Hongkong Electric Company, Limited (HK Electric) has been serving Hong Kong for over 125 years, providing a safe, reliable and clean electricity supply to both business and residential communities. HK Electric is committed to supporting sustainable development in Hong Kong. In addition to using cleaner energy to reduce emission, the Company is also committed to developing and using renewable energy. HK Electric is dedicated to promoting electric cooking and helping the catering industry to enhance work safety and health in order to improve working environments. The ‘electric commercial kitchen’ of HK Electric located in North Point showcases different types of electric cooking equipment and provides on-site cooking equipment demonstration.

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