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‘We are all Carers’ First ‘Carer Day’ Carnival
Stress Relief Support to Carers and Their Families
In recent years, there have been many unfortunate events suspected to be caused by severe stress from caring one’s family. In fact, carers need practical and psychological support to reduce their pressure, so that the elders can be better taken care of, ultimately benefitting the entire family.
The Hong Kong Carers Alliance jointly formed by The Salvation Army Carer Association, the Hong Kong Carer Alliance for People with Dementia, City of Love, Grace Parent Association and The Association of Parents of the Severely Mentally Handicapped held the first ‘Carer Day’ Carnival and the Symposium today (21 October 2017) to explore ways to support carers, and provide stress relief methods and resources for their family members. The occasion was honoured by the presence of Mr Caspar Tsui, JP, Under Secretary for Labour and Welfare, as the officiating guest, along with Dr Lam Ching-choi, BBS, JP, Chairman of the Elderly Commission Membership, Ms Cheng Yuk-chun, Member of the Rehabilitation Advisory Committee, and Mr Kuo Chun-chuen, Chief Officer (Rehabilitation Service) of the Hong Kong Council of Social Service as the guests of honour.
Three Major Causes of Stress for Carers
The major causes of stress for carers come from three aspects: personal family pressure, inadequate community support and insufficient social services. On the personal side, carers bear the pressure of family finance, lack of care knowledge, lack of social life and rest time that lead to stress resulted from self-blame and sense of loneliness. Socially, neighbours seldom care about this type of families and barrier-free facilities are not yet commonly available, making it more difficult for caring frail elders. Social services simply fall short of supply because of the long queues for the services.
Seek Help Early to Prevent Stress Buildup
Social workers remind carers to open up for help instead of bearing all the responsibilities on one’s shoulders, and take time to rest and enjoy social life to de-stress from the duties. People around should pay attention to any abnormal behaviour of the carers and seek external help when necessary. Organisations such as the Hong Kong Carers Alliance / The Salvation Army Carer Project (Tel: 2782-2229) provide service support and referral. 
Today’s symposium is designed to remind the general public of the importance of carer support as it creates a chain effect in the community and to share great minds to help increase resources for enhancing day care, residential respite service and home care services to meet the ever-increasing needs of the carers. 
About The Salvation Army Carer Service
The Salvation Army Carer Service has been operated since 1988, providing services to elders and their carers based on the concept of ‘people-oriented and sustainable care’. It helps to improve elderly’s quality of life and educate the public about carers’ needs.
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