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The Salvation Army (Macau) Learning Centre Officially Opens
Joining Hands with Joy Family Integrated Service Centre to Provide Child Education & Family Support Services
The Salvation Army (Macau) Learning Centre (The Learning Centre) celebrated its opening today (25 June 2017), which marked the commencement of The Salvation Army’s education work for children in Macau. The Learning Centre will collaborate with The Salvation Army Joy Family Integrated Service Centre to provide family support services for families in need. With the sponsorship from MGM and the teaching assistance by City University of Macau, The Learning Centre will better serve students with Special Educational Needs (SEN) and provide support to their families.
The Learning Centre is the first Salvation Army child education service centre set up in Macau. The Centre is located in Iao Hon, Areia Preta, close to The Salvation Army Joy Family Integrated Service Centre established in 2013. From mid-July to end August, The Learning Centre will organise summer programmes for lower primary SEN students, providing them with learning support programmes on an individual basis, including social etiquettes, emotional management, muscle training, etc. With a capacity of 40 students, the programme was fully registered within a few days after it was opened for enrolment in early June.
The event was honoured with the presence of Ms Wong Ka Wai, Functional Head of Division of Continuing Education, Education and Youth Affairs Bureau who has been greatly supportive of the work of The Learning Centre. ‘Children’s development has vital importance to social development. We are pleased to see greater awareness of children’s learning from the community, and more resources have been invested into assisting children and families in need,’ said Ms Wong.
The Learning Centre and The Salvation Army Joy Family Integrated Service Centre will be working hand in hand. While The Learning Centre primarily provides child education service, when the children and/or their families are found to have other needs, their cases will be referred to and followed up by The Salvation Army Joy Family Integrated Service Centre. Lieut-Colonel Ian Swan, Officer Commanding of The Salvation Army Hong Kong and Macau Command stated that, ‘Residents of Iao Hon District are of different backgrounds. We’re not only taking care of the educational needs of SEN children. Through this service, we’re reaching out to more families and supporting their other needs.’
Officiating guests also included Mr Grant Bowie, Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director of MGM China Holdings Limited, sponsoring unit of The Learning Centre and Dr Jacky Ho Chong-kin, Programme Coordinator of the Social Work Programme, City University of Macau, partner of The Salvation Army’s training programme for social work undergraduate volunteers. Mr Grant Bowie said, ‘Our sustainability vision at MGM is to Create a Better Tomorrow Today, and we see no better way to do that than caring for the needs of our local children. As we are growing our business in Macau, we will also grow our community support and continue to give back to Macau.’
According to Dr Jacky Ho, ‘The Centre not only offers learning opportunities to young children. It’s also become a training centre that helps the University to train social workers. We will continue to seek more opportunities for cooperation with The Learning Centre in order to provide more programmes and trainings for our social work undergraduates.’
The Learning Centre has recently recruited more than 20 Year One students from the Social Work Programme of the City University of Macau as the first group of volunteers to teach the children at the Centre. With practical teaching experience and the teacher training programme provided by The Learning Centre, these undergraduate students have been able to learn faster and provide more care for the community. Moreover, MGM volunteers helped to clean the Centre before its operation and sponsored the Centre on a colouring competition with overwhelming response. Over 400 entries were submitted from 66 kindergartens and primary schools with inclusive education. The Learning Centre presented prizes to the winning students at today’s ceremony.
The Learning Centre is organising a summer day camp that provides extra tutorial classes for P.2-P.6 students in need.
About The Salvation Army (Macau) Learning Centre
The Salvation Army (Macau) Learning Centre provides professional after-school support services for students with special educational needs (SEN). Our specialists such as SEN experts, clinical psychologists, speech therapists, occupational therapists, social workers, etc. help to support students and families in need.


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