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Lunch Party for 100 Families of the Elderly
The Salvation Army Promotes Love and Care for the Aged
Elderly care is one of the priority works in the ageing society. The Salvation Army collaborates with The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) to hold a lunch party today (11 June 2017) for a hundred families of the elderly and a DIY workshop to celebrate the Father’s Day and to promote the culture of respect for the aged in the community.
Under the Army’s "Love in time - We are all carers" Movement, a poll on family relationship and habits was conducted in seven elderly centres. Among the 1,000 interviewees, over 70% of the younger people said they rarely dined with their parents outside of festive celebration or family reunion, while more than 50% admitted that their communication with parents was insufficient and the time spent with parents every day should be increased. 90% of the elderly interviewees understood that their children had busy schedules but still wished to have more time for family gathering.
The Army and PolyU organised the "Happy Meal with Parents" Lunch Party to encourage people to spend more time dining with their parents and to care for the elderly. Ms Pang Kit-ling, Assistant Director (Elderly) of the Social Welfare Department, officiated at the ceremony and made a joint pledge with all the participants to support the "Love in time - We are all carers" Movement. The venue, facilities and nearly 30 volunteers were provided by PolyU. Individual family photo-taking and printing services as well as a photo frame DIY workshop were arranged, and the saxophone team of PolyU volunteers amused the participants with musical performance.
A matching fund campaign titled "Selfie with Lovely Parents" was also launched at the lunch party to encourage people in the community to upload their dining photos with the elderly on the campaign’s facebook ( The campaign will run from June to October 2017 and target at a minimum of 300 posts. Fund matching will be carried out to help 30 grassroots elders who have never travelled outside Hong Kong to join a four-day trip to Taiwan, realising their dream.
About "Love in time - We are all carers" Movement
The Salvation Army promotes the concept of “We are all carers”, fostering the spirit of respecting and caring for the aged in the community. The "Love in time - We are all carers" Movement is therefore developed. A series of learning and experiential activities are organised to let the participating families show their love and spend quality time with the elderly. Meanwhile, we encourage participants to care for other elders in the community as well, especially those lacking economic support.
The project includes: an opinion poll raising people’s awareness about parent-child relationships; a "Hand Cream Workshop for Love" to let people present skin care products and provide massage service to their elderly parents; the "Happy Meal with Parents" Lunch Party; and the "Selfie with Lovely Parents” Campaign which raises funds to support 30 elders, who have never travelled due to financial difficulty, to join a four-day trip to Taiwan. Their experiences will be showcased in community exhibitions in order to promote the spirit of respecting and caring for the aged.


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