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Social Work Students Practise through Volunteering
The Salvation Army (Macau) Learning Centre has held a volunteering programme ceremony. More than 20 year-one students from the Social Work Programme of the City University of Macau have been recruited as the first group of volunteers to teach children at the centre. With the practical teaching experience, the students are able to learn faster and raise their care for the community.
The Salvation Army (Macau) Learning Centre cooperates with the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences of the City University of Macau to provide extracurricular training to the year-one students of the newly developed Social Work Programme. The Army provides the students with professional knowledge of special educational needs (SEN), teaching experience sharing, as well as volunteering opportunities, so that students may practice what they learn.
Dr Carl Cheng Kai-yuen, The Salvation Army Educational Services Director, said that practice is the most direct and effective way of learning. He said, “The Salvation Army has been providing educational services for many years and can provide suitable support in terms of resources and expertise sharing. Our centre enables the year-one students of the Social Work Programme to participate in the professional teaching, which helps increase their practical experience and enhance their ability to enter the industry after graduation.”
Dr Jacky Ho Chong-kin, Programme Coordinator of the Social Work Programme, City University of Macau, appreciates the benefits of the volunteering programme to the students. He said, “The society of Macau has a higher awareness to the growth and development of children in various aspects. The educational needs therefore increase accordingly. Such a volunteering programme not only helps the children of the centre, but also enhances the knowledge of the Social Work students about community needs, which is important for them to join the industry in future.”
Since 1 May, The Salvation Army (Macau) Learning Centre has officially started its services. With the strength-based approach and a small-class teaching model to encourage and praise children more, the Army is providing professional after-school support to students with diverse and special educational needs, helping them to develop their potential and achieve their excellence. After training, voluntary students will become the centre’s tutors in summer holiday and can take part in the exchange programme with other Salvation Army units during Christmas.
About The Salvation Army (Macau) Learning Centre
The Salvation Army (Macau) Learning Centre provides professional after-school support services for students with special educational needs (SEN). Our specialists such as SEN experts, clinical psychologists, speech therapists, occupational therapists, social workers, etc. help to support students and families in need.
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