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The Salvation Army Employers’ Appreciation Ceremony 2015
Step Forward to Create Opportunities
The Salvation Army Employers’ Appreciation Ceremony was held today (6 November), expressing our gratitude to 286 employers and business partners for supporting the Army’s employment and training services in the past year. We are honoured to have Mr Matthew Cheung Kin-chung, GBS, JP, Secretary for Labour and Welfare, to officiate at the ceremony. The Army shared stories about how we work with corporates to care for the community and make an impact on the society.
Mentorship Scheme: Motivating Vulnerable Youth
Fire, aged 22, is an introvert. He always plays online games from dawn to dusk and watches anime, isolating himself from family and the community. However, he had a turning point in September 2014 when he joined the Rotary Youth SMART Mentorship Scheme organised by The Salvation Army and Rotary International District 3450. In October 2014, he started to work as an operator in Fuji Xerox Document Management Solutions Asia Limited, under the guidance from a mentor of the company, the Salvation Army social worker, and the Rotary “life master” Mr Mawin Cheung. 
Fire said, “Mawin is like my uncle. He changed me slowly and prompted me to think if I can change my future. When I reach 60 years old, I hope I will not regret.” Fire has been working for over a year. With his supervisor’s appreciation, he is taking the role of training new staff. Now Fire has a stronger sense of responsibility and has set a new goal ─ to learn Japanese and work as a computer game designer in Japan.
New Initiatives: Supporting The Disabled Athletes Develop Their Potentials
The Salvation Army Fitness Box has employed mentally handicapped athletes as assistant fitness couches, including Mr Leung Yiu-wa who won the championship in the Special Olympics World Games which is an international sports event for athletes with intellectual disabilities. Fitness Box not only provides job opportunities for the disabled, but also serves as a platform for them to develop their career. This year, a fitness workshop “Building a Fit Team” is tailor-made for corporates. In the workshop, the disabled athletes will be the fitness assistants, so that participants may appreciate their sportsmanship and understand more about the potentials of the disabled.
Employment Support: Helping The Mentally Handicapped Maintain A Job
Choi Yee-ling is mildly mentally handicapped, aged 31. With the support of The Salvation Army Heng On Integrated Service for Rehabilitation, She obtained a job as a waitress in Café de Coral since 2007. Toiling all day, she thought of quitting, but never did it after joining the Army’s employment support network. With assistance and encouragement by peers and social workers, she has been working there for over 8 years.
The employment support network provides a series of post-employment support to the disabled, such as case management (i.e. emotion support and counselling) and support services for employers. It helps the service users to build social network among colleagues, and fosters communication between the service users and employers.
Collaboration with Social Enterprises: Caring with Innovations
Ethical Consumption
The Salvation Army, together with Tithe Ethical Consumption and Hong Yip Service Company Limited, have organised a number of bazaars in Hong Yip properties since last year, so as to promote the concept of “ethical consumption”. Residents were encouraged to purchase products of social enterprises, including healthy food and handicrafts from The Salvation Army’s social enterprises. Mr Patrick Ho, Property Manager of Hong Yip Service Company Limited said, “Many residents are willing to change their consumption behaviour because we see the benefits brought by social enterprises. They help people live with dignity and value.”
Help The Youth Chase Their Dreams
Aman, owner of a café, is also a tutor to train a group of youth to operate a coffee corner in a Salvation Army unit. Aman provided valuable advice for equipment installation and decorations. He said, “My biggest return is seeing them become mature and have more confidence. I will continue to encourage them to chase their dream, because when I was young, I was also encouraged by others.”
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