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The Salvation Army (Macau) Education Centre and City University of Macau
Jointly Equips Social Work Students Supporting SEN Students

The Salvation Army (Macau) Education Centre holds the Volunteer Programme Kick-off cum Appreciation Ceremony today (22 April 2018), expressing their gratitude to Year 2 Social Work students of the City University of Macau for their efforts in being ‘Volunteer Tutors’ for students with special educational needs (SEN) over the past year, as well as the enthusiastic support from volunteers of the MGM Macau staff members.

The Appreciation Ceremony was honoured by the presence of Mr Wong Chi-iong, Chief Executive of Division of Continuing Education, Education and Youth Affairs Bureau, Macao SAR as the officiating guest, with the support from Dr Jacky Ho Chong-kin, Programme Coordinator of the Social Work Programme, City University of Macau and Ms Mina Siew, Assistant Director of Community Relations of MGM giving encouragement to the young leaders.

Targeted Teacher Training
The Salvation Army (Macau) Education Centre and the City University of Macau jointly recruited over 20 Year 2 social work students last year, giving them teacher training catering for SEN students. The participating volunteer tutors were required to focus on the students’ needs and to plan the curriculum and activities on various aspects including emotional management, attention training, self-care ability and muscle coordination. The tutors also engaged in the Salvation Army fundraising activities. Through their service in action, the community has a positive and comprehensive understanding of SEN, which encourages social inclusion, and the volunteer tutors have a better understanding of the students’ needs today.

Mr Wong said, ‘We thank all the volunteers for their efforts over the past year. We also thank The Salvation Army for their appropriate assistance to the people in Macau and significant contribution in community work. Volunteering does bring people closer and enhance their communication and interaction.’

Dr Carl Cheng, Educational Services Director of The Salvation Army Hong Kong and Macau Command, stated that, ‘The Salvation Army is dedicated to the training of local young leaders. Through our services, we wish to promote social inclusion, at the same time offer young people an opportunity for self-discovery. Let them identify their potentials through serving others and make plans for giving back to the society in future, so that they may succeed while helping others to succeed.’

Tutors who Help Others Help Themselves
One of the volunteers shared that he learnt a lot about SEN students during the course of training and teaching. ‘These children actually have their unique gifts and talents. Given space and appropriate support, they can also learn happily and develop their strengths to the full,’ he said. Volunteering not only broadens the participants’ horizons, but also provides them with a valuable opportunity of practical training, preparing them for future professional development as they help others to help themselves.

Last year, The Salvation Army set up its educational services units in Macau, namely ‘The Salvation Army (Macau) Learning Centre’ and ‘The Salvation Army (Macau) Education Centre’. Apart from providing appropriate support to SEN students and their parents, school-based support will also be introduced to local primary schools, taking care of students with dyslexia and/or other special learning needs, as well as providing professional development course to teachers.

About The Salvation Army (Macau) Education Centre
The Salvation Army (Macau) Education Centre provides professional after-school support services for students with special educational needs (SEN). Our specialists such as SEN experts, clinical psychologists, speech therapists, occupational therapists, social workers, etc. help to support students and families in need. The Centre opens the ‘Parents’ School’ in 2018 in support of families in need by providing courses on child development and special educational needs, catering to the developmental needs of children in the 21st century.

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