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General André Cox dreams of an Army where every officer, soldier, adherent, employee, youth and child is actively mobilising: to spread the good news of the gospel, to reach out in practical ways, to minister to the needs of our communities and to daily put our faith into action. Building on the momentum of The Whole World Praying, The Whole World Reading and the Boundless Congress, The Whole World Mobilising campaign launched on 12 January, 2017. This campaign, under the leadership of Commissioner Rosalie Peddle, is a motivating force to inspire, train and equip Salvationists to continue to be locally mobilised in mission, to celebrate what is already being done and to bring a sense of unity around the Salvation Army world.
Connect with the Global Salvation Army
The Whole World Mobilising website and app are designed to encourage you to mobilise and connect with the global Salvation Army. You can use these tools to:
  • read about the great work being done in Jesus' name through The Salvation Army around the world
  • be inspired with creative tips and ideas to help you mobilise
  • pray alongside your brothers and sisters in the Army
  • find out about mobilisation activities and events near you and participate in them
  • track your own mobilisation progress and make improvements
We needed something that could be accessible to the most people, worldwide - the mobile phone. Built for light data use, due to its need to perform in developing countries, this app can track any mobilisation activity from almost anywhere on the planet. The app is free to download and is built for light data use, making it accessible all around the world.
To download, search for ‘The Whole World Mobilising’ on the App Store or Google Play from your smartphone, or visit (for Android devices) or (for Apple devices). This version of the app is in its early stages and will rely on feedback from participants for improvements. Participants are encouraged to contact the support team by emailing The Whole World Mobilising team at should any problems occur.

Activity Highlights in Hong Kong and Macau Command


Month Date Name of Event Description Units Involved
Jan 14, 21/1/2017

Visit Elderly People and Villagers


Visit the singleton elderly and villagers in the community, sharing their care and presenting gift packs  Tsuen Kwai Corps

Visit Elderly People


Visit residents of an elderly care home during the Chinese New Year Kowloon City Corps
Feb 9/2- 24/8/2017

Sending Soup Sending Love


Serve the singleton elderly and people in need with soup twice per month to show God's love Melody Corps

Celebration for Chinese New Year


Students celebrate the Chinese New Year with the elderly by dancing and performing Kung-fu. Corps Officers share the gospel with the elderly. Tai Po Corps, Tai Po Integrated Service for Senior Citizens & Tin Ping Nursery School
  11/2/2017 Visit Elderly People Students aged 2 -6 and their parents visit residents of the elderly home. Po Lam Residence For Senior Citizens

Pre-school  Education Family Orienteering 


Parents and their children have a good time playing orienteering games.  All pre-school education units
Mar Bi-weekly Rainbow Angel Visit  Disabled trainees visit the elderly living alone after training provided by Tak Tin Community Day Rehabilitation Service. Tak Tin Community Day Rehabilitation Service  & Kwun Tong & Sai Kung Integrated Home Care Service Teams
  4/3/2017 Parents Seminar Share the values of TSA educational services with parents of students from three kindergartens/nursery schools  Centaline Charity Fund Yau Tong Kindergarten, Ping Tin Kindergarten & Nursery School & Hing Yan Kindergartern and Nursery School
  23-24/3/2017 SA Prayer Challenge Children and youth pray for specific themes, such as corps, community, etc. They post their prayers on Facebook and invite two other friends to continue the challenge.  Divisional Candidates & Youth Department
  25/3/2017 or before 

Stand up! Enter the Community 


Pray for Our Community 

Children and youth are led by youth leaders to walk and pray for the community. 

Photography and Writing Competition

Children and youth record their reflection and experience during the Community Pray. They upload their works on Facebook. The excellent works will be awarded. 

Divisional Candidates & Youth Department
  26/3/2017 Preaching - Evangelism

Worship and celebration

Pray, message sharing by children and youth 

Theme activity to understand the community 

Shatin Corps 
Apr TBC Easter Visiting  Performance & games are delivered by Salvationists to share the love of Jesus. Good message is also given by Corps Officers. Bradbury Home of Loving Kindness & Shatin Corps
  1/4/2017 Flag Day

Go out on the streets to promote caring for the elderly and raise funds for the elderly services. All service units
  5-11/4/2017 Sharing Love Gospel Week Giving care and love to the minority. Lei Muk Shue Nursery School
  5-12/4/2017 Evangelical Week - God is Love Help kindergarten students know Jesus' love through songs, drama, and games. Then, they are encouraged to share the love of Jesus with their neighbours in the community by visiting the elderly home and carolling in a shopping centre. Centaline Charity Fund Kindergarten
“Kiss Mama”
Over 200 people from elderly centres and schools are invited to join the market which shows the handicrafts made by the parents and students of Shek Wu School. Shek Wu School & Tai Po Integrated Service for Senior Citizens
  12/4/2017 Visit Elderly People Make artworks and play games with the elderly Tak Tin Residence For Senior Citizens
  16/4/2017 Easter Visiting  Visit the residents of elderly home and Yee On Hostel to share Jesus' love Kowloon Central Corps, Hoi Tai Residence for Senior Citizens & Yee On Hostel  
  16/4/2017 Easter Carnival  Good message sharing, band performance, gospel magic & booth games Tai Hang Tung Corps, Sunrise House, Urban Renewal Social Service Team & Shamshuipo Family Support Networking Team
  Mid of Apr (weekly) Games for Children Help children grow in Christian values through games and fellowship activities Tai Po Corps & Tai Po Integrated Service for Young People
  Mid of Apr (weekly) Games for Children Help children grow in Christian values through games and fellowship activities Tai Po Corps & Tai Po Integrated Service for Young People
  Mid of Apr (weekly) Women's Fellowship Help women of low-income families become better housewives & mothers with Christian values Tai Po Corps & Tai Po Integrated Service for Young People
  22/4/2017 Sam Mun Tsai Holiday Market Carnival, guided tour, parent-child game booths, etc. Sam Mun Tsai Community Development Project
  28/4/2017 Fun Reading Day Open event for the public, reading corner, story books recycling & books sharing Lok Man Nursery School & Kowloon City Family Support Centre
29/4 – 9/7/2017
Shek Wu School Saturday Students & Families Service Meeting for students (including old students) and their family members at Shek Wu School Tai Po Corps & Shek Wu School
May TBC Parents’ Day Activity Preach the gospel to the family members Lai King Home
  5/5/2017 Visit Residents of Elderly Home Students visit the residents of elderly home and cheer them up with performance in order to share God's love with the elderly. Bradbury Home of Loving Kindness & Jat Min Nursery School
  11/5/2017 Happy Mother’s Day Students prepare handicrafts and flowers as little gifts for all mothers in the Women's Fellowship to express their love. Students also  perform in Tai Po Corps to honour the love of mothers. Tai Yuen Nursery School & Tai Po Corps
  22/5/2017 Celebration for Dragon Boat Festival Performance & games are delivered by Salvationists to share the love of Jesus. Good message is also given by Corps Officers. Tai Po Corps, Tai Po Integrated Service for Senior Citizens & Shek Wu School
Jun 16/6/2017 We Care A parade and a carnival with game booth are organised to deliver the message of love and care to people in the community.  24 service units on Hong Kong Island
Jul 12-18/7/2017 Summer Programme for Kindergarten 150 kindergarten students learn Christian faith through Bible stories, songs, artworks and games. Hing Yan Kindergarten & Nursery School
  14/7/2017 Talents Show Performance of students and senior citizens Tin Ping Nursery School,  Shek Wu School & Tai Po Integrated Service for Senior Citizens
  Mid of July  Thanksgiving Worship  Help the parents know the school life of their children and the values of TSA educational serivces .  Shui Chuen O Kindergarten
  31/7/2017 Students Activity Youth of corps organise activities for kindergarten students Melody Corps & Sam Shing Nursery School
Sep   Celebrations for Mid-Autumn Festival  Salvationists give gifts and moon cakes to those in need, such as the elderly, to share God's love. All service units
Oct 15/10/2017 Celebration for the Whole World Mobilising All units use different ways to conclude the Mobilising activities they did. All service units


Visit the elderly
Visit the villagers
Pray for our community
Sending soup, sending love
Pre-school education family...
Going to visit the elderly ...