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Caring for Vulnerable Elders

An elder is a treasure, who deserve a healthy and fruitful life.


A Bowl of Soup  A Recipe for the Heart

Who would have thought a bowl of soup can lift a widow out of shadow, comfort a lonely soul, and even foster a caring spirit around a community?

Pik-mui is an ordinary housewife living in a public housing estate. She was shouldered the burden of raising two little girls when her husband died suddenly nine years ago. In midst of her difficulties, she was introduced to the after-school care class at The Salvation Army for her daughters. She was also invited to join the activities at the community centre to make friends to support each other.

Once, Pik-mui hurt her waist and leg and was homebound for recovery. The Salvation Army volunteers visited her and brought her a bowl of hot soup. It was a wonderful gift that made her feel being cared for. When she got well, she mobilised other women to prepare soups for the elders in need. She realized that many elders in the estate were lack of care. A bowl of soup would be a good nourishment for elders living alone in a tiny flat around 100-200 square feet. 


Reaching The Marginalised

When there is hope, there will be a better life


A New Life

“Cheong, don’t come back and find me again.”

Cheong, having now twice experienced the life being a street sleeper, bid farewell to his old self at a corner of the Cultural Centre where he used to stay overnight.

Frequently quarrels with family members had forced Cheong to sleep in the streets four years ago.  During the runaway years, he experienced ups and downs. As he thought of giving up on himself, he met his social worker. “My social worker asked me to forget about my past and find a new direction of life.”

Encouraged by the persistence of his social worker, Cheong has committed to a new life. Now He has a new job and has been allocated a new flat in public housing estate.

He had become a new “Cheong”, one with self-confidence to overcome and obstacles ahead.


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Reaching The Marginalised
A Bowl of Soup A Recipe fo...