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Helping the SEN children and their families with appropriate support

Home provides a child with the best support. Parents’ emotions are triggered naturally with whatever situations their children are in.

However, for parents having children with Special Educational Needs (SEN), it is never easy to accept the fact that their children are different. They are burdened with heavy stress and emotional issues.

The Salvation Army SKY Family and Child Development Centre (SKY) assists SEN children with family-oriented services. SKY aims at providing the best trainings for SEN children. Through home visits, SKY helps parents with suitable in-home trainings for their children, to maintain communication and to meet regularly to provide necessary counselling, so as to improve the wellbeing of the whole families.


A healthy family nurtures and cultivates. This year’s Kiss PaMa appeal calls for your support to give hope to SEN children and their families, helping them to receive relevant treatments, trainings and emotional support.

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