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Lai See Appeal 2019 - People living in sub-divided flats wish for riches and opulence in the New Year

Lunar New Year is an important traditional Chinese festival in Hong Kong, a time when families and friends gather and spend precious moments together. In a city with high cost of living, people may wish for opulence and affluence in the coming year.

According to the latest Hong Kong Poverty Situation Report published in November 2018 by the Government, there are about 1.38 million people living in poverty and a historical figure of 170 thousands children living under the poverty line. With an increasing population living in sub-divided flats and soaring rents, it is difficult for them to enter a new chapter.

The Salvation Army Family Support Service reaches out to grass-roots and new migrants families to understand their needs, helping them to improve their living conditions and to find goals and hopes.

This new year, we sincerely invite you to give a gift of red packet to support our community care services, sharing your blessings with the families in need.

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