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Kiss MaMa Lady Sale 2020 – Summer Offer

All around the Flowery Aroma

Summer is approaching and this stifling temperature might upset you. The Salvation Army Lady Sale presents 4 freshy and flowery skincare products which sweep away your restlessness. Gulsha Damask Rose Mini Set and Lady Sale set reduced price to $30 and $250 respectively giving your skin the best treatment it could have.

Raised funds will be used for supporting The Salvation Army Community Care Services

Dial and Order now. Please call 2783 2323 to place your order. The operation hour is Monday to Friday, 9am to 6pm.


The 4 Skincare items

  1. PGW Chamomile Roman Lip Balm (5g)

Relieving the discomfort caused by wearing facemasks and moisturizing your lips with various natural ingredients.

       Charity Price HK$40


  1. PGW Chamomile Handcream (30g)

Suffering from washing and rubbing every day, your hands definitely need a highly moisturizing product to repair the damages.

Charity Price HK$60


  1. Kimature White Jade Orchid Multi-functional Lotion (50ml)

Rich in 100% extra-virgin olive oil to prevent dehydration from air-conditioning and the dry weather. The natural graceful fragrance nourish your skin, as well as your mind.

Charity Price HK$150


  1. Gulsha Damask Rose Mini Set

A single skin care set for detoxification and repairing sensitive skin in once. The product will be expired on 30.9.2020

      Charity Price HK$60 $30


  1. Lady Sale Set

Get all 4 skin care products at a special price to make sure your body is being well taken care of.

Charity Price HK$280 $250


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