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Christmas Appeal 2019

Joyous Childhood happens only once?
provides all-round support and assistance to children

Childhood is a sweet and fondest memory, probably the happiest period of one’s life.  In the past, a child didn’t have much to worry about. They could enjoy every day as much as possible.  But time has changed. The ever-increasing pressure children face nowadays make it difficult for them to enjoy their childhood. How can they get back their own joyous childhood?

Manish and his friends, aged around 10, should be enjoying school life, but they are searching for their identity in Hong Kong.  They find it hard to integrate into the society due to their skin colour and ethnicity. Without recognition and acceptance, how can Manish and his friends find joy and peace in life? Thankfully, The Salvation Army provide support to ethnic minorities, strengthening their sense of belonging to Hong Kong and improving their Chinese language ability to help them blend into the community.

Chak Lung is a smart and energetic Primary 2 student, who is also impulsive and stubborn. At home, his relationship with his parents was tense, while he fought with other students at school and got complained by his teachers. Chak Lung did not know how to express his feelings and became frustrated. Until the family met The Salvation Army, Chak Lung has gradually become a polite and obedient child. He is now surrounded by loving friends, living every day happily.

The Salvation Army provides all-round support and assistance to children and youth through diverse services, hoping they would enjoy a joyous childhood. This Christmas, we sincerely ask for your support for our community care services, helping more people in need.

Your action

Presenting a Christmas blessing

Your donation enables The Salvation Army to develop more community care services, including children, youth and family integrated services. We also help ethnic minorities to integrate into the city by:

1.     Afterschool Care Service

2.    ‘Whole-person Development’ Training

3.     Counselling and Coaching

4.     Cantonese Training

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Story of Chak Lung
Story of Manish