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Mid-Autumn Festival Appeal 2019

A Reunion of Elders and their Carers - Walk with Carers of Elderly Persons

After working for much of our lives, we all look forward to a peaceful life with our loved ones after we retire. Nevertheless, declining health and unexpected illnesses may abruptly change our retirement plans.

When one gets frail, the burden of their care will fall on the healthy spouse. As the couple gets old together, both their physical and mental health will decline, making it especially trying for seniors to provide care for their loved ones over a long time. Out of love and responsibility, they would grin and bear it, forgetting their own needs. Carers can be of any age. They are so wrapped up with looking after their dependent family members that sometimes they forget to eat, rest and socialise as they normally would. They feel they are responsible for their partners’ physical health, leaving them in a sense of helplessness and guilt which may slowly drown them.

The Salvation Army Service for Senior Citizens and Carer Service help carers who have to take care of the frail seniors at home. The Carer Service has begun since 1988, providing assistance to carers of elderly across Hong Kong. The services collaborate with manufacturers of medical care and rehabilitation products, offering discounts of necessary products for the carers, which has reduced their expenses and the time needed to shop for those items.

Through assistance such as home visits from social workers and giving out resources, carers are supported both physically and emotionally, and yet they are still closely clinging to their responsibilities for their families. ‘Give the elders a sense of belonging and sense of security’. It is easier said than done. This Mid-Autumn, I sincerely invite you all to support The Salvation Army community care services to help the people in need.

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Your monthly donation helps The Salvation Army plan and develop long-term services, and reduces our fundraising and administrative costs in support of more people in need in the society:

1. Families facing crisis
2. Disadvantaged Elders
3. Children and Youth
4. People with Disabilities
5. The Marginalized Minorities



Donate Mooncakes and Share the Festive Joy with the Elderly

We sincerely ask for your continued support for the upcoming Mooncake Collection campaign, to share the festive joy and love to the needy in the society.

Mooncake collection period: 4th to 17th September 2018

For the collection points, please refer to Chinese version.

*Moon cakes of the following type and conditions will not be accepted due to food hygiene and safety concerns: snowy moon cakes, moon cakes manufactured outside Hong Kong, moon cakes without individual packing and expired moon cakes.

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Mooncake Collection Points
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