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Event Cancellation

In response to the Government's epidemic prevention measures and to ensure our participants' health, The Salvation Army Orienteering ,which was scheduled on 22 February, will be canceled after a thorough review. Related arrangements as follows:

1.      Teams who have committed the minimum sponsorship amount will be carried forward to the next TSA Orienteering (in the fall of 2020);
2.      The donation will be refunded to teams which decide not to take part in the next TSA Orienteering;
3.      Participants who have not collected their runner packs can contact us to collect them at our Headquarters in Yaumatei.

Please refer to participant email for the detailed information.

The Salvation Army Orienteering has been our signature charity event for the past 16 years, raising funds for our various community care services, in particular to the self-financed programmes. Your support is vital for us to serve the people in need. We hope to have your continued support in our upcoming event.

Our sincere apology for any inconvenience caused with this cancellation. Should you have any questions regarding this, please email us at


The Salvation Army Orienteering is rescheduled on 22 February 2020. With a brand new 2-hour game course at the Southern District, we will kick off at Aberdeen Promenade. This year, a new category is also introduced – Let’s Chill Experiential. Th no ranking category aims to promote the fun of night city orienteering. (Let’s Chill Experiential only applicable through enrolment form, but NOT online platform.)

Hong Kong, a city where we were born and bred.

This year, The Salvation Army Orienteering will allow you to explore the hidden side of the Southern district. With the light of the headtorch, we will shine through the dark and help the community in need.

The Salvation Army has been serving the children with special educational needs (SEN) and their families. The donation from the event will be used to support the identified SEN children to receive the needed professional training and treatment; and proper SEN assessment for those from low income families. Early intervention to provide timely and appropriate support for the SEN children and their parents can significantly improve their skills, self-care abilities and control.

Light up a life. Join and help the SEN children and their families.
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Event Info

2020.2.22 (Sat)

5pm       Registration
5:30pm  Kick-off Ceremony
6-8pm    Game (Corporate, Open, Student)
6-7pm    Game (Let’s Chill Experiential)
8:30pm  Award Presentation Ceremony (Optional to join)

Game Area
The Southern District

Start & Finish
Aberdeen Promenade


  • Corporate, Open and Student Cups
    Teams have to achieve the highest score by visiting various checkpoints with the use of a wordless map. Score of each checkpoint is varied depending on the level of difficulty. By completing the experiential checkpoints, the team will gain extra scores. The team with the highest score in each category will be the champion. The time limit is 2 hours.
  • Let’s Chill Experiential
    Experience the fun of searching for checkpoints by using a wordless map without having to compete for ranking. The time limit is 1 hour.


Aged 15 or above on the event day

Enrolment Deadline
Corporate                                       31 January (Friday)
Open, Students and Experiential   7 February (Friday)

Last Payment Date
7 February 2020 (Friday)

Corporate, Open, Student       1000 participants
Experiential                              200 participants

Use of Donation
Support families nurturing children and youth with special educational needs (SEN).

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